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Doc Reno
Death metal band Fleshgrind was formed in March 1993 by guitarist/vocalist Rich Lipscomb and drummer Dave Barbolla, who added bassist Casey Ryba and guitarist Steve Murray to complete the initial lineup. Over the next few years, Fleshgrind recorded a couple of demos -- 1993's Holy Pedophile and 1995's Sorrow Breeds Hatred (Bleed on Me) -- which eventually landed them a deal with the small Pulverizer imprint. Replacing Ryba with Ray Vazquez, Fleshgrind released their official debut album, Destined for Defilement, in 1997; shortly after its appearance, Vazquez left the band and Barbolla was fired. With a new rhythm section of bassist James Genenz (ex-Avernus) and drummer Alan Collado (Euphoric Evisceration), Fleshgrind toured extensively, building enough of an underground following to convince Pavement Music to re-release Destined for Defilement in early 1999. Fleshgrind next signed a permanent deal with Olympic Recordings, which issued their second album, The Seeds of Abysmal Torment, in 2000. ~ Steve Huey, Rovi
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